What a fucking waste

There once was a time where I cared about writing stuff down and sharing it with the world. Maybe I just became too busy or maybe I ran out of things to say. My old blog hasn’t been updated in about 6 years and all this time I was just paying for hosting. That’s $720 spent on keeping a dead site propped up. The funny thing is, it used to rank pretty decently for certain things related to Rails and programming. Eventually though, even Google’s interest waned.

If hackers couldn’t be bothered with my site, why should I?

Recently Google has started emailing me to inform me that my version of Wordpress is really out of date and hackable. I check the server from time to time and no one has logged in or made any changes to any files. Maybe if someone had hacked it I’d have been motivated to do this long ago. There were a few people constantly trying to break into the server over SSH but other than that no actual attempts to hack the ancient WordPress install.

End of an Era

Earlier today, WebbyNode sent me an email to say that they were going out of business and they would be shutting down servers at the end of the month. I’ve been experimenting with various new frameworks and tools to save money on this whole thing and now I’m kinda forced to take action.

So here is the new site. It’s not the first time I’ve uttered that phrase and it certainly won’t be the last.